CrossFit 6 Class On-Ramp – MKG Seattle

CrossFit 6 Class On-Ramp

$ 147.00



If you're considering CrossFit, but have no experience, then this is the program you need and all beginners are required to start here.  

We're always happy to offer a free private lesson if you're not sure yet.  Click HERE.

CrossFit On-Ramp

The On-Ramp program is a 6-class introductory series designed to acclimate new members into our regular CrossFit group classes and teach the CrossFit and MKG concept.  Each session includes a warm-up, skill instruction/review, light workout, and stretching / mobility cool down. 

We have two main priorities.  First, we want you to have FUN and On-Ramp really allows us to get to know YOU!  Classes are strictly limited to 4-6 participants to facilitate that.  And second, is that you learn to move efficiently and SAFELY.  

On-Ramp classes are always being conducted so you didn’t miss out.  Get started today!

There is an option for private lesson on-ramps HERE.  A CrossFit coach will contact you after purchasing your membership to schedule an orientation. 

Subject to availability. The classes will be held in the evening at 6:00pm on Monday and Wednesday and at 10:00 am on Saturday for 2 consecutive weeks starting on Nov 5th. We highly recommend speaking to a consultant at 206-367-0981 prior to purchase.

* Terms & Conditions: No refunds.  Must be redeemed in the month indicated.