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Get Started Today With Our 'No-Risk' Trial Programs!

$ 19.99 $ 100.00

Try Our World Class Martial Arts, Kids Martial Arts, CrossFit or MAX10 Fitness Boot Camp Programs!


Thanks for your interest in the programs at MKG Seattle.  Whether you're interested in martial arts, self defense, CrossFit, kickboxing, fitness classes or you'd like to get your son or daughter into martial arts DON'T MISS these AMAZING deals.

If you're already familiar with MKG Seattle just select the no-risk trial in the program of your choice.* 

If you need more details first these pages on our websites provide the best overview:

Adult Martial Arts Click HERE:
MAX10 Fitness & Boot Camp Click HERE:
Kids Martial Arts Click HERE:

CrossFit MKG Click HERE:

You can always call us at 206-789-2411 or contact us HERE and we'd be happy to help.




We make it easy and comfortable to try out the program of your choice.  Here are the details for each of our awesome trial offers.  


Adult Martial Arts & Self Defense

3 Classes + a FREE t-shirt for $19.99.  Choose from our signature mixed arts class, Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Savate, BJJ, Filipino Martial Arts or MMA.  You can even try MAX10 Fitness if you'd like!


MAX10 Fitness & Boot Camp

3 Classes + a FREE t-shirt $19.99.  A great preview for those considering one of our 10-Week boot camps or ongoing classes.  Try out MAX Kickboxing, MAX Strength, MAX Conditioning or even Yoga!  You can even choose from our Adult Martial Arts program if you like.  


Kids Martial Arts

Our kids trial is an AMAZING deal!  You get 6 WEEKS and a FREE uniform for kids!  We have programs for 4-6, 7-11 and 12-15 years old.  Start anytime.


CrossFit MKG

$50 for $100 credit.  We are extremely safety conscious at CrossFit MKG.  For this reason we can't sell a 3 class trial.  If you're new to CrossFit we have a 6 class On-Ramp.  If you've got experience we can just start you in our program.  Either way this deal is $100 cash value for $50.  Use it on On-Ramp, monthly tuition or even semi-private on-ramp lessons!

Call with any questions at 206-789-2411.  

Hope to see you in class soon!


Terms & Conditions

* 3 Class trials must be used within a 14 day period.  6 Consecutive weeks for kids trials.  Scheduled trial classes not cancelled within 24 hours count as attended.  Only valid for new members or in a different program for former students.  One trial per person but you CAN try several types of classes with the Adult MA and MAX10 offers.  Feel free to grab one for friends and family members.  Cannot be combined with another special unless specified.